I love this office! Dr. Ahlering and Judy are the best!

Melissa R.

I go to Dr. Menges and love everyone in the office. She is a very caring and down to earth person who makes you feel comfortable about any problems you may be experiencing and has solutions. During both of my pregnancies I was comfortable calling at any time to get advice on different situations. Love this office!

Tina M.

Dr. Menges is amazing and always goes above and beyond to comfort and provide the best healthcare. I have been going to St. Louis Women’s Healthcare group for years and highly recommend them for every woman. Thank you!

Beth D.

I have been going here for over 31 years. Dr. Muckerman delivered my last 2 babies and he has delivered all three of my grand babies.

Allison S.

“OMGOODNESS It’s one stop women’s Healthcare  Well women, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Functional Medicine Dr. Med Spa. I can’t believe I was seen the same day I called. Dr Mcdonald is amazingly soothing and comforting, Always puts you at ease:)Dr Garett is wonderfull after many years and X-rays MRIs,Ct scans I have an answer to my Back Pain and other Issues. She Honed Right in to How Bad I’ve been feeling for so long
Thank you”

Terry B
Leading Women’s Healthcare
St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Women's Healthcare

Welcome to the Family

St. Louis Women’s Healthcare Group provides preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic health care services to women from adolescence through post-menopause. Our purpose is to support our patients in achieving happy and healthy lives. For each individual situation, we are dedicated to finding the medical or surgical treatment that is most appropriate and most current.

We treat patients as unique individuals. We believe that the best medical care can only be delivered in a setting where the physician knows their patients. Patients are cared for only by our small group, and Dr. Christi Menges is one of few Obstetrician/Gynecologists who provides personalized care to all her patients.

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What We Offer


Primary Care
Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Vaginal Rejuvenation
Cancer Risk Assessment
Surgical Procedures
Bone Health
Just for Teens
Therapeutic Botox (Migraines)
IV Therapy

Meet our Women’s Health Physicians

Our mission in this practice is to provide women with a place where they know they are valued and they can feel at home. We are hands on with our patients, weather it be getting ready for pregnancy, staying healthy during pregnancy or supplementing a hormonal issue, we will guide you along the way.

Dr. George Ahlering

Dr. Ahlering is a nationally recognized expert in minimally invasive gynecology. Read More

Dr. Jennifer McDonald

Dr. Jennifer McDonald is a detail-oriented OB-GYN serving the Chesterfield community. Read More

Dr. Rick Muckerman

Dr. Muckerman is an expert in general obstetrics with an emphasis on high-risk pregnancy. Read More

Dr. Christi Menges

Dr. Christi Menges graduated from the esteemed OB-Gyn residency program at Mercy Medical Center. Read More