Early Detection Saves Lives

A hereditary cancer risk assessment is key to identifying patients and families who may be at increased risk for certain types of cancers. We believe it is important to assess every individual woman’s breast cancer risk before recommending a cancer screening plan.

We are proud to offer a complimentary telegenetics hereditary cancer screening and breast cancer risk assessment in our office for all patients at no cost.  We offer same-day genetic counseling in-office for all patients with a family history of cancer that meets criteria for testing and the test can be performed that day. Additionally, we take into account all family history and lifestyle factors that can affect breast cancer risk and use evidence-based models to help design a breast cancer screening program that is right for every individual patient.

  • Age
  • Age at First Menarche
  • Age at First Live Birth
  • Number of first-degree relatives with breast cancer
  • Number of previous benign breast biopsies
  • History of atypical hyperplasia
  • Race